The Spa at Cashel Palace features four expertly appointed treatment rooms, including three individual rooms and one double treatment room. Our team of professional therapists pamper you in the privacy of these elegant spaces. Each tranquil room boasts its own private shower and our double treatment room enjoys its own double shower steam room and changing area.

We are delighted to be partnering with the most advanced products and most luxurious treatments.


A luxury organic products, certified to the highest standards of The Soil Association. We want to introduce you to a “way of life” by giving you the tools and knowledge to continue this journey in your everyday routines, with the effect of each treatment being felt long after you depart us.
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The Valmont range transforms the skin into a dazzling exhibit of health, at any age, in any environment. Acclaimed as the foremost cosmetic expert of the decade, Valmont remains ever true to its roots and its values. 100% Swiss, its world-renowned effectiveness stems from the exclusive union of preserved natural resources and scientific prestige. Valmont has a long-standing worldwide reputation for leading research and development into the science of skin. Experts of the anti-aging process, they tailor their methodology and cellular cosmetics to offer instant and lasting results.
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A 300 year old tradition based on the natural benefits derived from seaweed and its healing powers, traditionally known as “The Sailors Cure”. These treatments once experienced never leave your memory. Voya uses certified organic ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.
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