The Apple Farm


Because there was no structure to enable them to sell their fruit locally, they opened a shop at the farm in the early 1970's. It is the same barn that they use to this day to sell most of what they produce from 40 acres of fruit.

These days the produce on sale is quite diverse. 60 varieties of apples are grown on the farm, and about 15 types are available in the farm shop depending on when they ripen. Four varieties of strawberries, three of raspberry, four of cherry, three types of plums, and two pears compliment the range in the farm shop, again depending on when they ripen. Some of the strawberries are available as pick-your-own in the middle of summer.
In addition, a range of juices have been made on the farm since 1995. There is apple juice, mixtures including strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant juices, and some sensational sparkling juices also. These are all made using fruits grown right there.
Fruits from the farm are also used to make jams, jelly and cider vinegar.

Since then, the Traas family have created a truly unique farm experience for lovers of fresh ingredients, delicious hand crafted produce and organic farming. Join the family for a tour of the farm to explore their sprawling acres of crops and to learn about their sustainable farming processes. There are also a number of seasonal experiences to enjoy, during the Summer you might just be able to pick fresh Strawberries during your travels or watch as the Traas family handcraft juices and ciders bound for Cashel Palace. The tour finishes with a tasting of a variety of produce made at The Apple Farm where inquisitive guests can also pick up some tips for growing their own crops of fruit and vegetables at home – perfect for those with green fingers!

If you would like to book this experience during your stay at Cashel Palace, please email or call us on +35362 62 002.