Cashel Blue Cheese

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Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers is a 100% family owned and managed business. When Louis & Jane Grubb moved back to the family farm in the late 1970s, their ambition was to harness the quality of their sweet, creamy milk to make a traditional farmhouse product, and in doing so to provide a livelihood for their family and locality. From this notion Cashel Blue® was born and to this day continues to be made in a traditional manner by the second generation, Sarah and Sergio Furno.

Now enjoy a tasting experience like no other with one of the world’s most famous cheesemakers. Visit their extensive farm and cheesemaking facilities in Fethard, just 20 minutes from Cashel Palace, meet the family behind this incredible food story to learn about how Cashel Blue® rose to international success and enjoy a guided tasting session of some of their flagship products, which also includes Cashel Blue Organic, Crozier Blue (Ireland’s only Sheep’s milk blue cheese) and Shepard’s Store, their hard sheep’s milk cheese.

If you would like to book this experience during your stay at Cashel Palace, please email or call us on +35362 62 002.