Mary Quinlan Hair

MQH was founded by Mary Quinlan in 2015 and has grown and developed into a premium Hair salon offering quality customer service. Our belief is that clients are our priority and teamwork is our most valuable asset. The growing team of highly trained stylists provide a personalised service and commitment to excellence.

Mary Quinlan Hair

The Philosophy

“My love for the beauty industry was in my sights from a very young age. Having followed my dream and now opening my second salon my passion is offering a bespoke service to all of my clients. I believe my innovative approach has not just been influential in the industry but has provided my clients with results and solutions they never imagined.” Mary Quinlan, owner of MQH. My philosophy is based around listening to my clients, understanding their needs and delivering an exceptional service

Our Promise

At MQH we continuously strive to offer the ultimate experience, therefore our principle is to constantly focus on training and education across all sectors of the industry. Our mission is to enhance inner beauty and confidence through effective use of our skills and quality products.

Make a Booking

To make a booking, please email or phone +3536230632.

Opening Hours

Salon appointments available from Wednesday to Sunday. From April 2023, additional appointments available on Tuesdays.