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The Spa Safety Policies

Please avoid the following activities for up to 12 hours after any treatment: Sauna, Steam Rooms, Jacuzzi, sunbathing, unprotected exposure to sun and UV rays. The Spa cannot treat clients with conditions such as herpes simplex, cold sores, open wounds, healing incisions, verrucas, warts or fever blisters. The Spa cannot treat clients with deep skin peeling conditions. The Spa cannot accept the responsibility for jewelry or other valuables that are removed or misplaced in or around the spa.

Client’s Medical History

I understand that services received at The Spa are not a substitute for medical or dermatological treatment and that any information given by a therapist is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. I have read and understood The Spa’s safety policy and have accurately completed my medical history. I understand that I should not receive treatments whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I understand that I have treatments entirely at my own choice and risk and that The Spa at Cashel Palace Hotel takes no responsibility whatsoever for any injury, reaction or results that might occur following a treatment or use of any of The Spa’s facilities.

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